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SAT's Writing Section

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One crucial change is an increase in the amount of time that students have to write their essay; instead of having only 25 minutes to demonstrate their writing prowess, test-takers will now have 50 minutes to complete their essays. The content and approach of the essays has also changed. The Writing section will no longer require students to agree or disagree with a position on a topic or write my essay for me cheap about a personal experience. Instead, students will be asked to formulate an analysis of how an author builds an argument to persuade an audience using evidence from a passage (i.e. quotations and paraphrasing from the piece).

The most important changes, however, affect the SAT requirements and the scoring of this section. First, the essay is scored on a scale of 2-8 for each of three dimensions: reading, analysis, and writing. Your essay score will not, however, be combined with the overall Reading and Writing section score - it will be reported separately. Secondly, the SAT essay will no longer be required of everyone who takes the SAT. Instead, students can choose to take the essay depending on the requirements of their prospective colleges and universities.

Should I take it?
In short, only the prospective student can know if he or she should take this redesigned portion of this exam. Although The College Board has taken certain measures to ensure that students are able to fairly demonstrate their abilities, it can still be a trying time for people who struggle with writing. Also, considering the changing standards of certain institutions of higher education (and depending on which ones you apply to), you may even consider opting out of the essay portion altogether. Now that you have all of the information about the redesigned section, you can make an intelligent and thoughtful choice for your future.

Doris Hall
Alaska, AK

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